Harry Potter and the Art of Teaching us How to Code


It’s not a new Harry Potter book but it is something worth looking into as it can teach you a valuable life skill.

There are a lot of life lessons to be learned from Harry Potter. The books are filled with moments and quotes that you can live your life from. It’s one of the reasons why the books became so successful, because it taught us something, and once more the Wizarding World is back giving us a another lesson, the lesson of coding.

Teaming up with Kano; the Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit delivers an introduction into the coding world. With the use of a wand and the app, children (both big and small) can learn through interaction how to create code.

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In an age where technology is growing, learning code is not a bad skill to have. The vast majority of products, probably 90% if I had to guess, contain a form of code in them and products that have no code where probably made by something that uses code.

Basically code is everywhere; it’s a rock solid part of our lives now. So for Harry Potter and Kano teaming up to teach children early on about coding is something that should be celebrated.

The kit delivers the tools in bite size digital blocks. As you progress through the challenges the more you learn, and as it is a building block type learning system, you are building more learning on top of what you previous learned.

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Once complete, you can create visual special effects as often as you like. Harry Potter spells like, Wingardium Leviosa, Stupefy and other well known Harry Potter spells can be cast using the kit.

Kano unveiled a promotional trailer for the kit being used; you can see it for yourself below

Next: Professor McGonagall is returning to the big screen!

What do you think about the magical coding kit? Will you consider getting one? Leave a comment below sharing our thoughts.

Kits are expected to go on sale October 1, and to retail at $99 USD