Harry Potter at Hamleys London: What can you buy?


Hamleys, London has added a Harry Potter floor thanks to the burst of popularity from Fantastic Beasts. Here’s a look at the best items you can buy.

Harry Potter is seeing a surge of interest as the Fantastic Beasts movies continue to grow. It’s not surprising that Hamleys in London is taking advantage of that. Just like when other fandoms grow, the iconic store is dedicating a whole floor to the wizarding world, with plenty of items you can buy.

There is something for all budgets and interests on the floor. Here’s a look at the best items to get from Hamleys, London.

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Get your own flying snitch

See yourself as a seeker? How about getting your own flying snitch. Yes, it even flies! And it’s available for just £30. The snitch uses infrared sensors to tell it to fly away, so you have the chance of catching it.

There’s also a snitch on a stand and a necklace and pin with the golden snitch, just in case you fancy something a little less mobile.

It’s all about the LEGO

Want something to do with the kids that introduces them to the world of Harry Potter? The best thing you can get is the LEGO sets. There are models of Hagrid and Harry with a flying snitch hovering around the head. There are a few other décor options, suiting a range of budgets and preferences—oh and space, of course!

Just want the books

For those who are just interested in the book series, all seven books are available from Hamleys, London. There’s also the extra books Rowling has written, including The Dark Arts: A Movie Scrapbook and Harry Potter: Magical Places from the Films companion books. Don’t forget the continuation script, The Cursed Child while you’re at it.

For those with bigger budgets

If you have a larger budget, you can get a few bigger items. Let’s just start with the replica Firebolt. You can get the broom for £280.

Need the chess set? Well, there isn’t a life-sized version, but you can get a miniature chess set bringing the magical world to life for £299. This may be a little easier to get on a plane if you’re visiting from overseas!

What will you get at the Harry Potter floor in Hamleys, London? Share in the comments below.