Demi Lovato reportedly hospitalized after a heroin overdose


Demi Lovato reportedly suffered a heroin overdose Tuesday morning, but has since been confirmed to be “okay and stable.”

Demi Lovato has been hospitalized for a heroin overdose, according to multiple outlets. The singer has been very open about her struggles with drugs and an eating disorder throughout the years and has been willing to help those trying to cope with these issues.

The news comes shortly after Demi celebrated six years of sobriety. Lovato was reportedly taken from her Hollywood Hills home to a Los Angeles hospital. People is reporting that Lovato is “okay and stable,” according to a source.

While the news is extremely sad, fans on social media have voiced their overwhelming love and support for the Tell Me You Love Me singer.

During this time, it is meaningful to see fans rallying for a singer they care about.

The strength that Demi Lovato has had throughout these last few years has remained a focal point for her fans. She is one of those women we can look to in our dark times and see that everyone has their struggles — you can overcome and sometimes, you succumb.

Like Demi’s song “Skyscraper” talks about, you can get torn down but you can rise once again. Life is hard and things change and happen and Demi has worked hard and we know she can overcome these hardships once again.

To help celebrate her work and our love of Demi, we look to this beautiful video featuring Jesse Williams for her song “Tell Me You Love Me”.

Our thoughts go out to Demi Lovato and her family. May she make a full recovery and find peace in her sobriety once again.