Fantastic Beasts: Will Credence Barebone help Newt or succumb to Grindelwald?


In the first Fantastic Beasts movie, Grindelwald convinces Credence Barebone to fight back and thus his obscurus in born. But what side will he take now?

At the end of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Credence Barebone was seemingly dead. He vanished before them and, if you look closely, a very small part of him got away. So that means that out there, Credence had to gain back his health.

Now that he is pretty much back to his original state (and least from what was shown in the trailer), the question is: Will Credence continue to stay in hiding or help them fight against Grindelwald?

The thing about Credence is that he is a strong wizard, one that needs to learn how to maintain his power and not go overboard when using his magic. He needs to channel it and maybe once he has his focus on Grindelwald, he’ll finally understand his abilities. There is nothing worse in Harry Potter than when someone doesn’t know their full potential.

Hopefully, Credence gets to redeem his terrible upbringing in this movie. His character is so tragic yet beautiful and we want to see him happy in a way that his terrible family never let him fit. Credence Barebone just wanted to be accepted by those closest to him and they refused and hopefully he’ll find that acceptance in the release of the movie.

He’s not a man of much position, he left his abusive home which tried to hide his magic for obvious reasons. So what is he going to do? Well, we’ll have to wait until Fantastic Beasts comes out.

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