What if someone let Arthur Weasley into a Target?


The joy of Arthur Weasley is his obsession with the mundane aspects of humanity. So what if we let him go to a Target and just have a ball?

Arthur Weasley loves everything about the muggle world. He wanted to know what a rubber duck had to do as a purpose after all. So what if we let Arthur go to a Target? What’s interesting about the Harry Potter series is that they never seemingly go to a Muggle store.

Yes, they go to Diagon Alley for their more magical needs but do they also get all their normal clothing there? Or does Arthur and Molly take the kids to a store in the modern world? Just imagining him seeing the humans in a Target is something that would have been so great to see in the movies.

He probably would have ended up in the toy aisle and just being amazed by everything in front of him. Does this robot toy have a purpose? It’s just a toy? Perfect. Arthur Weasley has a childlike wonder about things that makes him one of the best characters in the series.

Arthur continually wants to learn and find out things about this world he doesn’t know and it makes him one of the best because he just wants to know everything. Does a rubber duck have other things to do other than float in a bath? That’s what Arthur is determined to find out.

It is just a sweet idea to think about him trying to find out all he could about muggle culture and we wish they could of explored it.

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Let’s find a way to get Arthur Weasley out there and in a Target! He’d love it and it would be so much fun!