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The Office, “Casino Night”

Last but certainly not least, you know we had to include at least one episode from The Office, so why not include one of the absolute best?

Michael organizes a casino night in the company warehouse to raise money for charity, and accidentally invites two dates, his boss Jan and his real estate agent Carol (played by Carell’s real-life wife, Nancy). But that’s not the love triangle we’re interested in during this episode, and you know that.

Jim is in love with Pam, his best friend in the whole office. But there’s one problem. Pam is supposed to be getting married to Roy, and it’s tearing Jim up so much that he even talked to Jan about transferring to the Stamford office. After Roy leaves the event, Jim finally works up the courage to tell Pam, but it doesn’t go well.

In the parking lot, when Pam is boasting about taking all Jim’s money, he finally comes out and says he’s in love with her. Pam is of course shocked and doesn’t know what to say, because she doesn’t want to lose her best friend. Jim isn’t okay with being just friends anymore, and he walks away heartbroken, leaving Pam confused and sad.

Later, Pam is on the phone explaining the whole situation to her mother, when Jim comes in and plants a kiss right on her mouth. This was their first “official” kiss and the start of something complicated, beautiful, and right out of a fairytale. Jim and Pam are one of the greatest couples in TV history, right up there with Monica and Chandler, and we got to witness them go through everything from their rocky start, to breakups, marriage, and even children.

This episode is essential viewing for anyone who ships Jim and Pam with their whole heart, and we could definitely watch that kiss over and over again!

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