10 best games to play in honor of Space Exploration Day

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6. Surviving Mars

Surviving Mars is a simulation building game where you work to build a colony on Mars. Like any simulation game, you’ll have to manage resources and build structures to keep your colony thriving. In Surviving Mars, each colonist is unique and comes with their own strengths and weaknesses that can affect the entire colony. Additionally, the research tree is randomized so each time you play the game will be a unique experience. Lastly, there will be mysteries to discover and solve inspired by classic sci-fi stories.

7. StarCraft II

If PvP or PvE strategy is more your thing, check out StarCraft II,  the sequel to the popular and classic StarCraft. Like any real-time strategy game, you’ll gather resources, do research, build an army and eliminate the enemy. There’s an award-winning story campaign to play if you’re more into PvE, or you can compete with friends or strangers in PvP battles. As with the original StarCraft, there are three races to choose from: Terran, Zerg, and Protoss. Right now, the first campaign is free-to-play, and if you’re more of an old-school player, the first StarCraft is also free-to-play (though the remastered version is $14.99).

8. Spaceteam

Spaceteam is a little different than others mentioned on this list as it’s a local mobile party game. You and your friends will become part of a space team in control of a ship travelling through the universe. Each player will have a unique gameboard that has various toggles, switches, knobs, and other controls. Different commands will show up on a player’s screen and you’ll have to shout it out so whoever has the control can follow the instructions. There are also random events like black holes and asteroids that require you to flip your device upside down or shake it until the event has passed. If you’re looking for a space-themed game to play at your next party, Spaceteam is for you!

9. Far Point

If you’re looking for a far more immersive experience, check out this Playstation VR title: Far Point. In this FPS, you crash land on an alien planet and have to battle through hostile aliens to reunite your crew. You’ll fight to survive while uncovering the secrets of the planet and mastering various weapons. If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber you can join up with a friend and complete the campaign in co-op.

10. Metroid

Want something a little more retro? You can’t go wrong with the classic Metroid. This Nintendo platformer featured the now-iconic Samus and is the start of this long-running franchise. Originally released for the NES in 1986, you’ll explore the planet Zebes in a quest to stop pirates who want to exploit parasitic lifeforms called Metroids.

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Which of these games are you going to play on Space Exploration Day?