San Diego Comic-Con Day 1: Doctor Who, Breaking Bad and more highlights


San Diego Comic-Con launched with a Doctor Who trailer, a Breaking Bad reunion, plus some big Star Wars news.

San Diego Comic-Con started off with quite the fanfare. Not only can fans attending get their Goodness score at an event for The Good Place, but they can also buy exclusive toys and merchandise from their favorite series.

On Thursday, some of the biggest news came from beloved shows that have been around the con circuit for quite some time. Biggest of all was a look at the new season of Doctor Who. With her first appearance at San Diego Comic-Con as the new Doctor, Jodie Whittaker and her cast had a panel that ended with the release of a new trailer.

In typical Doctor fashion, Thirteen is wearing Twelve’s outfit from when he regenerated and spends most of the trailer in awe of everything around her. It brings hope to those fans who were worried about how the show would address a female Doctor.

Breaking Bad had its own major panel on Thursday, in honor of its 10th anniversary. The cast of Breaking Bad offered an interesting hint that they could all show up on Better Call Saul. With a huge cast reunion like this at Comic-Con, it reminded fans why they loved Breaking Bad so much in the first place.

Another big hit at SDCC was the news of Clone Wars coming back. Fans took to Twitter to scream about the return of their favorite addition to the Star Wars universe.

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Check back here on Culturess for more news from San Diego Comic-Con as the weekend progresses! It has only been a day and already fans are excited for what SDCC has to offer us this year.