Harry Potter SDCC Exclusives, the best and coolest exclusives at the convention!


Comic-Con is here and here are the best and coolest Harry Potter SDCC exclusives that you can get your hands on!

When it comes to Comic-Con we expect trailers, costumes, art, comics, and most important of all, exclusives. Comic-Con has now officially kicked off and there are some pretty cool Harry Potter SDCC exclusives available this year.

If you are heading to the convention make sure you check them out.

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Funko have two Harry Potter SDCC exclusives this year. Both are ghosts from Hogwarts, Nearly Headless Nick and Moaning Mrytle.

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Both would be amazing additions to the collection but it’s Nearly Headless Nick that you want to get above all else, as not only is it Nearly Headless Nick, but a glow in the dark Nearly Headless Nick.

Quantum Mechanix

A Harry Potter SDCC exclusive Q-Fig from Quantum Mechanix is available. It features Hagrid riding Sirius Black’s motorbike with Harry Potter sitting in the side car.

This is no small exclusive. It is one of the largest and most complex and detailed figures Quantum Mechanix has ever made. It will set you back a fair bit though as it comes in at $99.95 but if you can spare the change it will be worth every penny.

Harry Potter illustration posters

Not only can you get yourself a Harry Potter SDCC exclusive illustration poster celebrating 20 years of magic, but you can even get it signed by illustrators Jim Kay, Brain Selznick, Kazu Kibuishi, Arthur A. Levine and David Saylar.

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Are you heading to SDCC? Will you be on the hunt for one of these Harry Potter exclusives? Drop a comment below sharing your thoughts.