Benedict Cumberbatch’s birthday is a great time to watch these 4 movies


If you can’t get enough of Benedict Cumberbatch, then it’s time to watch these four movies and appreciate him on his birthday!

We now live in a universe where Benedict Cumberbatch is 42 years old. Today, in fact, is his birthday.

As he is one of the internet’s top-tier boyfriends, we’d be remiss if we didn’t pick out some of his very best movies for you to take a look at his acting and appreciate all the work he puts into his craft.

Besides, why not kick the weekend off a little early, right?

The Hollow Crown

Technically speaking, these are TV movies, but that’s still a “movie,” which means it counts for this list. Besides, it’s Shakespeare. In particular, you’ll want to seek out Richard III. Granted, in my review when these aired on PBS, I did ding some aspects of our birthday boy’s acting. But you also get to hear him hiss the opening speech of Richard III.

You know … “Now is the winter of our discontent”? Yeah, that. That’s the good stuff.

Find the episodes on Amazon.

Doctor Strange

How could we not include this? When you enter into something as big as the Marvel Cinematic Universe, then it colors your entire career. Here, Cumberbatch plays none other than Stephen Strange himself, sporting something that vaguely resembles an American accent as well as a goatee and mystical powers.

He also gets to rock a cape, and rocking a cape is something that’s very worth appreciating.

Doctor Strange is on Netflix.

The Imitation Game

Of course, Cumberbatch’s work in The Hollow Crown wasn’t the first time he’d played a real person. In fact, The Imitation Game didn’t mark that first time either, but it’s probably his best-known because of who he’s playing: Alan Turing, one of the mathematicians that helped to more efficiently crack the Enigma code machine.

You can also find this on Netflix.

The Hobbit trilogy

Put some headphones in for the above trailer, then skip to about 1:57 or so. The alterations made to Cumberbatch’s voice to create the voice of Smaug mean that his lines thrum; you’ll feel the vibrations in your spine even if the volume isn’t turned all the way up. Yes, it means you won’t be able to see him in person, but you then have an excuse to watch this:

Yes, that’s part of his audition tape.

You can rent the entire trilogy on Amazon.

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What’s your favorite Cumber-moment or appearance?