Riverdale theories for season 3 that just might make sense


Filming for season 3 of Riverdale has already begun. Fan theories for what we can expect on the show next run from sensible to far-fetched.

The cast of Riverdale is back together and making their presence on social media known. Whether it is by posting bits and pieces of the scenes they are working on, or even from talking with the press and fans about the show, it seems as if some spoilers for season 3 have already begun making the rounds. And along with those spoilers come new fan theories.

Cosmopolitan pulled together some of the most popular fan theories, giving us a look at what the fans think we will see in season 3. And some of these ideas actually seem reasonable.

Charles may still be alive

One of the most popular theories is that faux-Chic Cooper, aka Charles, is actually still alive, even after having been handed over to the Black Hood by Betty. Yet if Mädchen Amick who plays Alice Cooper is to be believed, then this is not just a fan theory but a fact. The actress took part in a mental health awareness event in which she had the chance to talk about Riverdale. At the time she mentioned the creepy portrayal of Chic that Hart Denton gave viewers.

Amick told people at the event that she could not wait to see what Denton brought to the table in season 3. While that does not necessarily mean Chic is still alive, it certainly sounds like it. Of course, it could just be flashbacks that offer us a look at more of Hart Denton, but either way, we are all for more of the faux-Chic Cooper.

Two Black Hoods in Riverdale

The next theory has to do with the Black Hood and the fact that there are actually two Black Hoods running around Riverdale. We all know that twins are a major thing when it comes to the Blossom and Cooper clans. With Hal being named as one of the Black Hoods at the end of the second season (he told the world all on his own) it would make sense that a possible twin would be the other hidden bad guy.

And over on Reddit, there was even more evidence of Hal having a twin, who could also be the Black Hood. One of those pieces of evidence stemmed from something rather innocent. At one point there was a discussion between Alice and Hal in which she pointed out, “I’m allergic to peonies. But how would you know that? We’ve only been married for decades.”

Think about it. The real Hal would have known about Alice’s allergy, but a twin posing as him probably wouldn’t. While we may have originally thought this line was pointing to Hal just being a bad husband, the idea of it actually being his twin instead actually makes a bit more sense.

Alice Cooper hearts FP Jones

Another popular fan theory over on Reddit has to do with Alice Cooper and FP Jones and the possibility of them once more being an item. People have been shipping “Falice” for the last season or so, and even the stars who play the characters seem to be hinting at the possibility according to Metro News.

When filming commenced on season 3, Mädchen Amick teased her followers with the ship they have been waiting for, sharing an image of herself with Skeet Ulrich (who plays FP).

In the caption of the post on social media, the actress said, “The first thing you see when entering heaven’s gate.” Considering how the second season ended with her husband being hauled off to jail, it’s entirely possible that Alice and FP could end up getting close again, as she leans on him for support once more.

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When it comes to fan theories for Riverdale, there are plenty of other ideas and possibilities out there, even if some of them don’t make sense in the context of the overall story. With so many mysteries and plot twists, anything truly is possible in Riverdale.