Here are 25 movies you should watch if you love the actors from the DCEU!

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Requiem for a Dream

Tackling issues from consumerism to drug abuse, mental health to self esteem and more, Requiem for a Dream was (and continues to be) one of Jared Leto’s best works. Known for playing the Joker in Suicide Squad, Leto had taken quite the break from acting to focus on his music career and other endeavors.

But if you made a movie as amazing as Requiem for a Dream, it’d make sense why you just want to quit acting. Truly a masterpiece of confusion and intrigue, the movie is one of those cult classics that everyone talks about but vaguely remembers.

The thing is that they’re not at fault for only just remembering it. That’s simply the design of the film. Taking you on the drug trips of those in the movie, Requiem for a Dream is not for the young or lighthearted. Leto gives a performance like no other and shows what an Oscar snub really is. Was his eventual win for Dallas Buyers Club maybe given to him since they didn’t even nominate him for this movie? Maybe, but he’s one of the best parts of the movie.

Again, it isn’t for those who can’t handle heavy themes and is definitely one of the more out there movies — but is a must see for any film lover.