Here are 25 movies you should watch if you love the actors from the DCEU!

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Russell Crowe wasn’t always Superman’s father. In fact, he has had quite the career. The moment he really came on the map, however, was when he and Hippolyta herself, Connie Nielsen, starred in Gladiator. Focusing on the story of a man who was forced into the gladiator life of Roman slaves, Crowe delivered an amazing performance and showed everyone the skills he had.

Maybe don’t look to Crowe’s performance in Les Miserables for his best work, but Gladiator and even The Nice Guys are great representations of Russell and his technique! He’s an incredible actor and it is truly a shame we don’t get to see that much of his take on Jor-El.

It is a trend, however, with those who play Kal-El’s father. Before him was Marlon Brando, an Oscar-winning actor who was in the film very little. Crowe may not be Brando level (yet) but he is an incredible actor and his work in Gladiator proves that. He is wonderful, emotional, and reminds us of the pain of loss. Plus you get to see Nielsen being amazing, too, so what is there to lose?

It was nominated for a myriad of Academy Awards for a reason, so don’t miss out on this movie.