Cast of SyFy’s The Magicians teases us with season 4 details before SDCC


Season 3 of The Magicians ended with a bang. Leading up to their SDCC panel, three cast members discuss what fans can expect to see next.

The Magicians on SyFy is gearing up for their fourth season. After everything the characters have been through, the season 3 finale meant that once again, everything is changing.

Leading up to their panel at San Diego Comic-Con this year, three of the show’s main cast members cast members headed to the Magic Castle in Los Angeles chat with Entertainment Weekly. Eliot, Quentin, and Margo — or really Hale Appleman, Jason Ralph, and Summer Bishil — watched a real-life magician show off tricks while discussing all we can expect to see from the new season.

After everything that happened in season 3, from an epic quest to dealing with fairies and doppelgangers (or at least alternate timeline versions of themselves), perhaps the biggest event came in the season finale. Each of our characters ended up with brand new identities as their minds were erased, changing the way they interact with each other.

Hale Appleman explained that next season, they will basically be “forming this new alliance between our characters.” Having lost who they were and each other, Jason Ralph added that it feels a lot like starting over. Appleman agreed, noting that by the end of season 3 (prior to the mind wipe) the group was this well-oiled machine. Now they all have to find their bearings once more.

Over the course of The Magicians‘ first three seasons, fans have watched the relationship between Margo and Eliot as it has not only grown but strengthened. They were partners before, but now, who knows? That is something both actors find odd. In fact, according to Appleman, Eliot is establishing this new identity and life without Margo at his side.

Despite these changes for their characters, Appleman said he’s excited as this gives him the chance to change expectations and show another side of himself. Considering the monster is actually a part of who his new character is, that means that he gets to really be someone different than Eliot.

Of course with the mind wipe and the characters no longer being who they have been, this also means that Summer Bishil’s character is not going to be the new king of Fillory. While that is definitely a disappointment for fans who were excited to see her in charge, it seems to also be somewhat of a disappointment for the actress. She said that there was a moment where she said her thoughts were “it would have been fun,” but in the land of The Magicians, she knows that these things can change in an instant anyway.

The biggest takeaway from this peek into season 4 is core characters will all have to create new lives for each other. In order for them to save the day (we hope), they are going to need to build new relationships and connections with each other. They also will have to figure out how to save Eliot and perhaps even one another.

Though Quentin may not be himself in season 4, that doesn’t mean his analytical, problem solving personality is not still there. With his ability to think beyond the fear and terror, which is bound to be a part of the new season, it will likely be up to him to figure out what they need to do to reverse what has happened.

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We await more news about season 4 when the cast and crew sit down for their SDCC panel on July 21.