Aquaman launches a website with the first official movie synopsis


The Aquaman movie now has its own website. And as part of its launch, the film has released the first official synopsis following all the weekend teasers.

Over the last few days, news has been flowing about the DCEU’s upcoming Aquaman solo movie. From the release of an image of the Fisherman King’s kingdom to the sneak peek still from the upcoming trailer, there have been plenty of smaller details showcased when it comes to what looks to be another epic film from director James Wan.

And now we have not only the official Aquaman website to enjoy, but we also have the movie’s actual synopsis. As CBR reports, even with the official synopsis being released, we are still rather short on details, and depth when it comes to what the movie will be about.

Previously, we learned that Aquaman was going to be a classic tale of basically “sibling rivalry” as we watch Jason Momoa’s Aquaman come up against his own half-brother, Patrick Wilson’s King Orm. We also know that Orm is, in essence, an “eco-warrior” who seems bent on bringing war to those who live on land, thanks to their pollution and continued destruction of the seas and oceans.

It will apparently be up to Aquaman to stop King Orm and his planned war, and in order to do this, he will have to unite the seven kingdoms (which means we may actually get to see all seven kingdoms after all).

In the new synopsis for Aquaman that was posted on the movie’s website, we also learn that this will truly be an origin story, as we learn more about Arthur Curry/Aquaman, the half-Atlantean, half-human who is destined to be king. Along the way, he will not only have to save the world (again), but he will also learn more about himself and if he really is worthy of the life that he was born into.

And with Amber Heard’s Mera at his side, not only does he have a true ally, but he also has a fierce warrior who will do what needs to be done. Plus, with other kingdoms potentially willing to join forces in order to stop an all-out war, it is clear that Aquaman is not alone in his journey.

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While this official synopsis is still light on new details about the film, with the first official trailer set to debut at San Diego Comic-Con on July 21, we will most likely learn so much more about what Aquaman has in store for us. For now, at least we have the new movie website to enjoy, even if it only has the brief synopsis and the new poster for the film at this time.