Harry Potter isn’t super great at being a social human being


There is a reason that Harry Potter doesn’t really have that many friends. He isn’t particularly good at any form of social interactions.

Harry Potter isn’t the smoothest human being out there. Even as an adult, he still has problems talking to other humans. Take a look at how he talks to his own son! So it isn’t really surprising that he doesn’t have that many close friends.

Sure, he has Ron and Hermione but both of them were, seemingly, outsiders who found Harry and they all sort of adopted each other. He’s famous, yes, but that doesn’t mean he is any good and interacting with other human beings.

If anything, he has little to no conversational skills. None of this is his fault, he had an aunt and uncle who shoved him under the stairs and he was teased relentlessly at school and home before going to Hogwarts.

Still, it is hilarious to see him attempting talk to girls especially. Take for instance, Cho Chang. He tried to ask her out, then dated her after her boyfriend died, and when she was crying as they kissed he just figured it was normal until his friends told him no.

It is maybe why he is so endearing at times. He just doesn’t really know how to deal with other human beings and he tries but, in the end, he is completely awkward and doesn’t know how to function outside of his close group of friends and that’s totally okay. He’s Harry Potter, he has more important things to be worrying about like defeating Voldemort.

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