Britney Spears teases new perfume launch on social media


Britney Spears is more than just the princess of pop, she is also a successful businesswoman with her own perfume line. And now she has a new line coming.

For years, Britney Spears has been releasing music and showing the world why she is known as the princess of pop, but that’s not all she has done over the years. In fact, the singer also has a rather successful line of perfumes and colognes which she’s been releasing since 2004.

Now, it looks like Spears is back again with a brand new line of fragrances, thanks to a teaser she posted to Twitter on July 15. Taking it even further this time, Spears is being praised for promoting a “fragrance for all” that is essentially gender neutral and could be worn by anyone.

In the new teaser trailer, which is a video that looks like choppy security footage, we get to see men with open shirts as they get sprayed with cologne, shirts being unbuttoned, and of course Britney Spears herself. The caption for the post is simply three camera emojis, followed by “#MyPrerogative #Tomorrow.”

Fans have been super excited for Spears’ perfume for a while. And with the new teaser now, fans are even more excited to know they’ll finally be able to get their hands on her newest offering very soon.

Of course, Twitter had plenty to say about both the teaser and the new fragrance from Britney Spears, with plenty of excitement coming from those who have purchased her previous perfumes and colognes. In fact, for some Twitter users have proclaimed that the singer has gone from being the princess of pop to the queen of smells.

Whether they were talking about the apparent scent of the new fragrance or just sharing their overall anticipation for the new release, there was plenty to say about this teaser and the upcoming launch.

On July 16, Britney Spears followed up her teaser video, with a second video posted to Twitter. This time showing off the new bottle of the fragrance called Prerogative — named after her Bobby Brown cover song, “My Prerogative” on her 2004 Greatest Hits album.

The newest video shows more of the security style footage, but this time with a lot more of Britney Spears, including what looks like her sitting in a director’s style chair offering up her input. Of course, there are also glimpses of her dancing and teasing the camera throughout the short video.

Fans reacted to the new video online, with some even talking about what the new scent really smells like. Apparently, the fragrance has a vanilla scent to it which helps to make it a unisex perfume/cologne that really is for anyone. Of course, without knowing what the underlying notes are for this fragrance, we really only have people’s own take on the scent to go off of.

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While Prerogative might be a gender-neutral fragrance, of course not everyone is going to love it. At the same time, if you love vanilla, then this is going to be your newest favorite fragrance addiction.