The 5 absolute best moments from Nathan Fillion’s Uncharted fan film


It’s been a torturous four days, but the day has finally arrived for Nathan Fillion’s big Uncharted reveal. And boy are we excited for more!

Nathan Fillion has revealed a 15-minute Uncharted fanmade film in which he stars as Naughty Dog’s famous treasure hunter, Nathan “Nate” Drake, after teasing fans for days about a secret project. This short film isn’t enough to quench our thirst for all things Uncharted, but it definitely gets fans excited for more! Could we even get a web series like Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog?

Even though it isn’t a full-out film, fans of the video game series are rejoicing to have Fillion play Drake due to their similar appearance and charm. Some are even asking places like Netflix and Hulu to pick it up for a series. We can only hope!

Here are 5 best moments in the Uncharted fan-film, directed by Allan Ungar.

1. Sic parvis magna

A nod to where it all began in the first game release of Uncharted. The Latin phrase, “greatness from small beginnings,” was the anchor story in the first game as Drake follows clues to uncovering the truth about his acclaimed ancestor, Francis Drake.

In the first few minutes, we see Nate is captured. But that classic outfit has us all waiting to see Fillion’s head pop up. Any fan of the series will know instantly it’s Drake just by the outfit. Having the ring tied on a necklace for Nate to wear and his shoulder holster on, it’s as iconic as Indiana Jones’ hat and whip.

2. Meeting Sully

Sully is Drake’s partner in crime, his mentor and his OG. As told in Uncharted 3, they’ve been together since Drake was a pickpocketing kid on the streets. When we see Sully in the live action short film, it brings a flutter of excitement to see Sully in real life — with his a cigar in his mouth, moumustache, and his white hair. It’s hard to believe it’s been two years since we saw Drake and Sully together. We’ve missed this pair and the adventures they get into!

3. The study

Our first history lesson in the short film was in the study, as Drake finds some papers relating to the treasure piece they found. Oh, how we’ve missed his history lessons!

Drake reveals the treasure found on the ship Flor de la Mar is worth $2 billion, making it the most valuable lost treasure in history. Moments before there’s an alert, he escapes from the thugs downstairs and says: “Holy sh*t, Sully! You know what this means?” Which that’s very much a Drake thing to say when he’s figured out a clue.

4. “Ok, just like old times”

“Ok, just like old times,” is a famous line used many a time throughout the game after a short clip and just before the shootout. The best part about this is the awesome cinematography, which is pretty much the same as how it is in the game. This part should definitely have fans pumped and wanting to play again!

5. Meeting Elena

Speaking of pairs, Elena appears in the short film, too. Although fans aren’t teased too much about their relationship — we last see them married and living happily ever after at the ending of Uncharted 4 — it’s nice to see the pair (and trio when Sully and Nate arrive to meet Elena) together again.

After they meet Elena, they discover their next location after solving the clues hidden in the papers. This is also a great moment as it takes fans back down memory lane though the Uncharted series to when the trio would solve the puzzles together. The ending of the short film also makes us hungry for more as Fillion leaves us with a Drake-like grin.

You can watch the whole film starrring Nathan Fillion as Drake below:

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We have to say, Fillion has done a perfect job capturing Nathan Drake. There’s nothing we don’t like about this short film except, please, can we have some more?