15 of the best dance routines ever from So You Think You Can Dance

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“Fix You” (Robert & Allison, season 7) – Contemporary

Choreographer: Travis Wall

We always love when a SYTYCD alum comes back to choreograph for the show, and Travis Wall has been a staple ever since coming in second back on season 2. Throw All-Star Allison Holker into the mix, and you’re bound to have a perfect routine.

This piece was special to choreographer Travis because it was based on his real life. His mother underwent massive surgery, and this piece was to represent his mother’s struggles. Allison represented his mom, and Robert played the part of Travis himself. The task at hand was to represent that feeling of closeness between mother and son, and the biggest struggle was having to portray that relationship in front of the person who lived that struggle for real.

The two absolutely killed it, obviously, or else it wouldn’t be on this list. Paired with Coldplay’s “Fix You,” Robert plays the doting son who’s there for his mother in her time of need. The piece ends with Robert holding up Allison as she starts to get weaker, and she stands on his feet so he can walk for her.

The routine had the audience, and the judges, up on their feet and the dancers themselves with tears in their eyes. It was a really magical moment on the SYTYCD stage. Not surprisingly, Travis was nominated for an Emmy Award that year for Outstanding Choreography for this piece. It didn’t win, but that doesn’t make it any less special.