15 of the best dance routines ever from So You Think You Can Dance

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“I Am The Best” (Jenna & Mark, season 10) – Jazz-Funk/Vogue

Choreographer: Mark Kanemura

K-Pop and SYTYCD? A match made in heaven!

This season 10 routine, to K-pop group 2NE1’s “I Am The Best”, was choreographed by fan-favorite Mark Kanemura, who appeared on season 4 of SYTYCD and was an All-Star on season 10. Once you watch the routine, you’ll know exactly why Mark is a fan favorite, and why this routine is on the list.

Jenna and Mark started out sitting on a lip-shaped couch with sunglasses on before getting up and absolutely slaying. The routine incorporated some elements of voguing, and of course Mark’s trademark funky style. The true star of this routine though is Jenna’s slicked back hair and high braided pony. She whipped that hair around like it was her job, and Mark even walked with her while holding the braid (a pretty solid shout-out to the music video itself).

Mark walks around that stage with Jenna around his neck as if she was a fur stole, and it is absolute fire. Considering Jenna specializes in Latin and ballroom, it was a nice change to see her get a little funky. At the end of the routine, Jenna grabs that braid tight, and pulls it straight up as she falls into a split. Yaaaas queen!

The routine definitely left an impression that season, because they even performed it a second time on the finale! Host Cat Deeley picked it as her favorite that she wanted to see one more time. And honestly, can we blame her? We could watch it over and over again!