10 Amazon Prime TV shows and movies you need to watch ASAP


We have 10 more hidden gems that are worth your time! This time around, we have Amazon Prime as our contender.

Amazon Prime has some pretty amazing titles on its growing list of movies and TV shows. But the best ones are the movies and shows that we wouldn’t expect to be entertaining or hold our interest. With this list of hidden gems that range from completely quirky to downright dramatic, there’s a good chance that you’ll be hooked.

Here are 10 things you should check out:

1. Paterson

Starring Adam Driver, Paterson follows the life of a bus driver over the course of one week in Paterson, New Jersey. This bus driver, who is also named Paterson, writes poetry as a hobby. His wife Laura, who hopes to open her own cupcake store, urges him to publish his poems. While this isn’t your typical film filled with multiple plot lines, it certainly pulls at the heartstrings and encourages its audience to think about the message that it’s trying to convey. With beautiful poetry and a real storyline without the extra bells and whistles, this movie is a must-see.

2. Eureka

Eureka is science fiction series that tells the story of a secret town of geniuses in Eureka, Oregon. Deputy Jack Carter accidentally stumbles upon this town and becomes the new sheriff, after the previous one was involved in an accident. Despite not being a genius himself, Jack discovers that he loves the town and wants to stay, helping to solve mysterious accidents that are suddenly taking place. Some familiar faces include Colin Ferguson (Vampire Diaries) and Joe Morton (Scandal).

3. An Hour Behind 

Okay, okay. Some people might not be big fans of cheesy rom-coms, but this one is an exception. An Hour Behind is super cute and actually has some hilarious parts. After a brief mistake that caused her to miss her blind date, Trish Harper ends up meeting Parker, an EMT, who pretends to be her date. Once all is revealed that Parker wasn’t Trish’s original date, the two decide to start over from the beginning. Both learn that time plays devil’s advocate and ultimately brings the pair together despite having a few road bumps along the way.

4. Alice in Paris 

Created by Tastemade (a website that gives food and travel suggestions) this series follows a young foodie, Alice, who is living in Paris and loves to discover new places to eat. Each episode is only a couple minutes long and features new French cuisines from all over Paris that Alice incorporates into her daily routine. Alice is a quirky yet lovable and funny character who loves all types of food and finds beauty in its creation and end result. With each episode being so short, this series is a quick watch and a great source to use if you ever decide to go to Paris and need suggestions for where to eat.

5. How to be a Latin Lover

Starring Eugenio Derbez and Salma Hayek, this hilarious comedy follows the life of a spoiled player, Maximo, who is married to a rich older woman more than twice his age. After she dumps him for a much younger man, Maximo is found homeless and without any money. Eventually, Maximo is reunited with his sister and nephew and begins to live with the pair. Not wanting to be held down, he comes up with a plan to seduce his nephew’s classmate’s grandmother, another wealthy older woman. Eugenio Derbez is hilarious in this movie and leaves the audience wanting more of his anecdotes.

6. Electric Dreams 

If you’re a fan of Black Mirror or Westworld, this science fiction series is for you. Based on the works of Philip K. Dick, this series is made up of ten “standalone” episodes, each depicting a different storyline. Having well-known actors in its cast such as Janelle Monáe and Steve Buscemi, this series includes scientific themes dealing with humanoids, the future, technological advances, and more.

7. Arrival

After twelve alien space crafts land on different parts of Earth, a linguist and a physicist recruited by the U.S. army attempt to understand who these intergalactic beings are and their purpose in coming to Earth. Language being a major barrier between both alien and human, it appears at first that the alien race has arrived to destroy the plant. However, through sheer determination and research, it is revealed that this is not the case. This drama, starring Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, and Forest Whitaker, incites thought into its viewers and encourages them to figure out the underlying message of what it means to try and understand others.

8. Psych 

This hilarious series follows Shawn Spencer, an immature, yet, intelligent and charming man who pretends to be psychic in an effort to solve crimes with the Santa Barbara Police Department. Along with his partner and best friend of over 20 years, Gus, Shawn keeps up his charade of being psychic and becomes an irreplaceable asset to the police department, despite protests from its head detective. Viewers will love Shawn’s funny and lovable anecdotes as well as the bromance between him and Gus.

9. Girl on a Bicycle 

Girl on a Bicycle is a very interesting and entertaining rom-com with a twist. Not your average romance, this movie has many talented actors and actresses that tell a life-like and relatable story. When a tour bus driver accidentally hits a woman with his bus, he has to become a caretaker for both her and her children. This movie is extremely sweet and funny, and teaches us that you don’t have to related by blood to be considered part of the family. 

10. Catastrophe 

Rob and Sharon are a match made in heaven. In this series, humor (sometimes dark) is present throughout and outshines the drama of being first time parents after only knowing one another for less than a month. Both characters’ personalities match up when it comes to dealing with ridiculousness from other people. It’s clear that they love and care for each other and would support each other no matter what, even though they hardly know each other.

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There you have it! 10 more hidden gems to add to your watchlist. Did we miss any? Comment below if you’ve found any amazing shows or movies that haven’t had their time in the spotlight yet.