40 must-watch movies to consider yourself a film buff

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After Hours (1985)

Everyone has their favorite Martin Scorsese feature, and they tend to be the go-to titles — one of which might pop up in the ‘90s section a bit later. For me, the Scorsese film to really show your bona fides is After Hours.

After Hours isn’t obscure Scorsese, but it is him at his most cult and comedic. (I know there are other Scorsese movies you might say better represent this, but we’re sticking with After Hours!) The film tells the story of Paul (Griffin Dunne) a workaholic who, on a whim, decides to visit a girl named Marcy (Rosanna Arquette) who lives in Soho. One trip to Soho though ends up being a night of hell for Paul as he becomes enmeshed with increasingly bizarre people.

There’s an air of Twin Peaks found within After Hours as Paul navigates the landscape of a New York City he no longer knows. The journey is comical, though sometimes a bit dated — there’s a detour into homosexuality that’s very ‘80s straight white male. Regardless, this is Scorsese at his irreverent best, enjoying the wacky hijinks Paul gets himself into and coloring the frame with a hodgepodge of character actors, from Linda Fiorentino to Terri Garr and John Heard.

Where to Watch It: Google Play, Apple, Vudu and YouTube all have it ready for rental.