The 100: Will Madi’s ascension be enough to save her people?


The most recent episode of The 100 proved that the time of the commanders isn’t over just yet. During “Sic Semper Tyrannis,” Madi ascended. But will it be enough to save her people?

A lot happened during this week’s episode of The 100, but one of the most significant events was Madi’s ascension. The last living Nightblood, she reluctantly accepts Bellamy’s and Indra’s requests to become the next commander. Gaia puts the flame in her head, all but sealing the deal.

Unfortunately, Octavia and Clarke put a stop to the rest of Madi’s ascension ceremony. While the girl is still unconscious, Clarke takes her to the rover and escapes with her. Meanwhile, Octavia lies to Wonkru about the girl’s ascension and continues to claim leadership over the grounders.

But even if Clarke and Octavia dislike it, Madi did become the new commander during “Sic Semper Tyrannis.” She proves this through her knowledge of the lineage, something she begins to recite while Joroum holds her and Clarke at gunpoint. And from Joroum’s reaction, it’s clear that some of the grounders are still willing to accept a Nightblood commander.

It seems inevitable that Madi will eventually return to assume leadership over Wonkru. Madi has already shown resistance to Clarke’s methods of protecting her, and that was prior to obtaining the wisdom of the commanders. With her new knowledge and memories, Madi is bound to prioritize the needs of her people.

Sadly, it’s unlikely she’ll become leader in time to stop the war with Eligius. Despite the fact that many of the grounders will happily bow before her, she’ll need to win over the rest of Wonkru. And then there’s Octavia to contend with. Bloodreina won’t go down without a fight, and she’s a formidable opponent, even for someone her own age.

The fact that McCreary has taken hold of Shallow Valley complicates things even further. If Madi were to take command, Diyoza would be willing to negotiate peace. But McCreary is hellbent on exterminating “the savages,” and he won’t care if they’re willing to co-exist.

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We’ll see what happens with Madi during the next episode of The 100. “The Warriors Will” airs on Tuesday, July 17 at 8 p.m. EST.