We ranked the 7 Pixar sequels from worst to best

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Finding Dory

Everybody wanted this sequel to happen — especially Ellen DeGeneres (the voice of Dory) — and it only took Pixar 13 years before giving in.

In 2003’s Finding Nemo, audiences fell in love with the delightfully dim Dory, a blue tang fish with short-term memory loss, as she helped Marlon on his quest to find his son, Nemo. In the long-awaited sequel starring the film’s breakout star, audiences are treated to Dory’s backstory and how her memory deficit kept her from finding her family for years. But in true Disney-Pixar fashion, the story tugged on heartstrings and felt very mature for a family movie, which left kids and adults alike both heartbroken and delighted.

Critics thought the movie was funny, poignant, and thought-provoking, according to Rotten Tomatoes. The animation, not surprisingly, was more stunning than ever. Finding Nemo was already a beautifully animated film taking place underwater, but after more than a decade of advances in technology, it was on a whole new level. The way the light shone in and the smallest little details in the water were breathtaking.

And, of course, who could possibly resist the charm of Dory? Even though Marlon and Nemo are back for the ride, Dory is the true star this time around, and she’s just as lovable as in the first movie. There’s also a new crop of funny and charming characters to fall in love with, like the grumpy octopus, Hank, and the neurotic beluga whale named Bailey.

There’s nothing you could possibly hate about Finding Dory, and it was the perfect follow-up to an already beloved story.