The best #InMyFeelings dances we’ve seen so far


This dance challenge is sweeping the internet. Who has the best so far? Spoiler alert: it’s probably Will Smith. Are we surprised? Nope. Not really.

The #InMyFeelings dance challenge has gone crazy viral in just a matter of days. Originally started by Instagram user TheShiggyShow, this dance trend follows the release of Drake’s new album Scorpion. His new track “In My Feelings” has reached children, teens, and adults alike.

Here are some of our favorite dances so far. It’s contagious, so we won’t blame you if you end up making a video of your own:

1. This dude proved that even if you’re caught off guard, you can still jump right in

2. Even Doug the Pug got a chance in the spotlight

3. Keeping up with a moving car is no problem for this dancer

4. But this one, however, might still need a bit of practice…

5. These two kiddos slayed the game and threw in a couple freestyle moves.

6. This dancing mama was on fire.

7. Frozone even got in on the action with his super cool moves

And you can never have a good compilation without a few celebrities getting in on the action.

8. Leslie Jones celebrated her Emmy nom and post-arm workout with this gem

9. Ciara and Russel Wilson getting down on their honeymood

9. The G.O.A.T.

And finally, fans of the challenge were even blessed with a rendition from the one and only Will Smith who, of course, had to be super extra and outshine us all by going on top of Budapest’s Széchenyi Chain Bridge. As he crosses the bridge, he says to the camera “There is no way–no way this is legal.” We’re pretty sure it’s not either, but because he’s Will Smith and this was an epic bar raise we can let it slide.

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Have you completed the #InMyFeelings challenge? Can you upstage Will Smith? Let us know in the comments below!