Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery launches the Duelling Club!


The first ever Multiplayer Event has been officially launched on Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, the Duelling Club!

Multiplayer events have been asked for since the day Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery was launched. So far, no such event has been added to the game. That is until today as the Duelling Club is now officially live, and it’s multiplayer.

Confirmed via Jam City, players can now use the spells that they have learned at Hogwarts. From the disarming charm, Expelliarmus, to the Knockback Jinx, Flipendo, players can now put their skills to the test in the Duelling Club.

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Launched today, the multiplayer Duelling Club event is a limited time event. The first of the series starts today for Facebook Connected players and will run up until July 15, 2018. Future duelling events will follow up during the summer, in order to stay up to date with the next round visit the Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery website, Twitter or Facebook page.

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How things work in the Duelling Club is you go head to head against a randomly selected player from other Facebook Connect users. When you sign up for the duelling club you will be assigned three tickets. These tickets are needed to duel and it’s pretty simple, win the duel, keep your ticket, lose the duel, lose your ticket. Once you have zero tickets, you’re out.

You can see a video of the action just below.

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So what do you make of the first ever Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery multiplayer event? Are you going to get stuck right into the Duel? Leave a comment below sharing your thoughts.

The Duelling Club is officially available now.