Jennifer Lopez offers dating tips to a Tinder user, and we swipe right for J.Lo


Jennifer Lopez is helping a Tinder user find her dream date, and we’re all over J.Lo’s tips for swipe-worthy match-making.

Jennifer Lopez already had us convinced that she knows all about love. Now, in the wake of J.Lo going public with her romance with hunky baseball player Alex Rodriguez, the triple threat talent is dishing up tips on dating.

To provide dating tips to help others be as lucky in love as J.Lo and Alex, the dancer/singer/actress filmed a video for Tinder’s Swipe Sessions series. And Jennifer met with a lucky Tinder user named Brooke to offer advice.

So for whom should Brooke swipe? Just as it’s location, location, location in real estate, Lopez hinted that she feels it’s at least partly all about the right age when it comes to choosing the ideal man.

“Guys, until they’re 33, are really useless,” commented Jennifer.

J.Lo’s analysis raised some eyebrows, given that her boyfriend before Alex was Casper Smart, a 31-year-old dancer.

We just have one complaint about the video: We want more! The repartee between Jennifer and Brooke turned into a comedy act as J.Lo served up her views on which guys deserved a swipe right or a swipe left.

Brooke shared her profile with Lopez, and Jennifer recommended changing her anthem to “The Ring” (hint, hint). As for Brooke’s description of herself as being into “yoga and wine,” Lopez sought more.

The wanna-be dater also confided in Jennifer that she wanted a “guy’s guy,” which Jennifer translated as “you want a man.” Checking out the profiles, Lopez noted that she liked the look of a guy who was wearing a baseball cap (are you listening, Alex Rodriguez?) and appeared as if “he could chop wood.”

However, Brooke promptly went one step too far by actually asking the guy if he could chop wood. Oops.

“Brooke, we’re not going to get what we want,” scolded Lopez.

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Jennifer also brought up the issue of what would happen when Brooke and her perfect match eventually got married and had kids. Will J.Lo sing at the wedding? Well, probably not… but a girl can dream.