The Handmaid’s Tale launches a line of wine, and yea, we need a drink

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The Handmaid’s Tale — “Night” — Episode 110 — Serena Joy confronts Offred and the Commander. Offred struggles with a complicated, life-changing revelation. The Handmaids face a brutal decision. Offred (Elisabeth Moss), shown. (Photo by: George Kraychyk/Hulu)

June/Offred – Pays d’Oc Pinot Noir

With no rights of her own in the land of Gilead, June relies on her wits and at times, the knowledge of her enemies weaknesses. While we disagree with the use of the term “feminine wiles” by Lot18, we do agree there’s a dangerous game June plays to stay alive. She goes between being forced into submission, and resisting the moment she has a chance. The Pinot Noir selected for Elisabeth Moss’ character is a worthy drink to sip on while celebrating any time June fights back — even with the frustrating fact that she keeps being recaptured again, and again, and again. We suggest switching your usual cheers with “Nolite te bastardes carborundorum” before drinking.

Suggested food pairing: Garlic and rosemary grilled lamb chops, because June would appreciate a fancy meal over gross green juices

Suggested episode: “Holly” dove into June’s two experiences with childbirth — her first with daughter Hannah, and now, with her and Nick’s child whom she names Holly, after her mother. Left abandoned out in the woods after a brief chance to see Hannah, and having just seen Nick taken away by Gilead guards, June tries to escape after finding a car parked in a garage. The garage door won’t open, and as she frustratingly tries to fix that problem, a bigger one comes along. Her water breaks, and June is forced to go into labor all by herself. During her first pregnancy, June was afraid to be anywhere but a hospital, wanting drugs and doctors around. This time, she embraces her fate (it is all she can do at this point) and gives birth in one of the most iconic episodes for the series, and really for women ever.