25 Game of Thrones characters that bring more fire than ice

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Samwell Tarly

For a change in pace, we’re going to talk about Samwell Tarly, who is kind of the opposite of everyone on this list. Looking at Sam, you may not think he is the sexiest man alive. But the more you get to know his personality, the more you love him and want to be with him.

After all, half of this list is going to be hot people whom we’ll just pretend haven’t murdered thousands of people. This is not the case with Sam, though. He’s the sweetest and just wants to help people and should probably … okay, definitely not be in the Night’s Watch.

So often we get these characters on Game of Thrones that make us question our own well-being because they’re hot but also so terrible. With Sam, we get to see this lovely character actually trying to do something good, and he’s sweet as he goes through whatever the Wall and all of Westeros throw at him.

If there were more characters like Sam, the show might be a little lighter. Then again, we don’t really want that, because it would take away from what makes Sam so wonderful. He’s a shining beacon of hope in an otherwise pretty grim world (and show).