25 Game of Thrones characters that bring more fire than ice

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Eddard Stark

We all know that Sean Bean has to die at this point. From the moment that Eddard Stark stepped on screen, we all were aware that he was a goner. Still though, that didn’t stop us from lusting after the father of the Stark clan.

A man who loves his family so much (enough so to lie to his wife in order to protect his sister), he is still one of the best men we have on Game of Thrones. His lessons to his kids live on through the seasons, but it is truly a disservice to us all that he only lived through season 1. Yes, we know that’s how it goes in the books too.

Eddard just wants to do what’s best for those he cares for and for Westeros. It’s everyone else who’s out for their own benefits that destroyed him and what he stood for (literally, they destroyed him because they cut off his head).

But that short time he was on the show was enough for us all to be thirsting for some more of Eddard Stark in our lives. A great father, a good leader, and a pretty sexy man, it is no wonder that he and Catelyn Stark had that many kids together.