Orange is the New Black’s season 6 trailer is here, and things don’t look good for our girls


What will Litchfield’s female prisoners face in season 6 of Orange is the New Black? A new trailer previews drama, danger, and as always, dark humor.

Orange is the New Black‘s season 6 trailer previews a frightening “new world” in maximum security prison for Litchfield’s former inmates. As Suzanne says fearfully entering the prison, “This isn’t home, this is not home.”

Our OITNB favorites enter an unsettling new arena in the American prison system, following the three-day prison riot that destroyed Litchfield.

We see a montage of the cast acclimating as best they can in their new home. Last we saw some of the Litchfield crew, they were standing in solidarity after letting Piscatella go (and who was shot and killed by officers coming in).

Thankfully Piper, Alex, Cindy, Taystee, Red, Nicky, Blanca, Freida, Gloria, and Suzanne made it out okay — well, as okay as they can be. Linda is also back, and with a shot of her head being shaved, it looks like no one’s figured out she isn’t a real prisoner yet. Maritza and Flaca are still separated, and we’ll wait to see where the two besties ended up.

By coming into a new prison, the women face new routines, new cells, and of course, new bunkmates. There’s absolutely going to be beef amongst the newcomers and the current prisoners, described as “blues vs. khakis” by Piper.

Then there’s the issue of how Litchfield’s women got here in the first place. An investigation is underway regarding the prison riot. That could very well break down the friendships and loyalties held amongst those who started it.

“They want us to go down, regardless of what we did or didn’t do,” Red says in a voiceover, foreshadowing an investigation that could go too far or wrongly convict some of the women. From the looks of it, a few will face life while other women could face over 10 years.

Red reminds us though that no one should underestimate her girls, no matter how dire things look.

“You don’t know how strong my girls are. We have iron wills and f—ng nothing to lose.”

Watch the season 6 trailer below:

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Orange is the New Black returns to Netflix for its sixth season on July 27.