Harry Potter Lego Hogwarts Castle for only €499.99, bargain!


Lego is awesome, but is it worth €499.99? Lego certainly seem so as they have priced the Harry Potter Lego Hogwarts Castle at the eye-watering price.

It’s only €499.99, so about 586.95 USD. Not much right? You will probably find it hidden under the bed somewhere, you know, as loose change. This is actually not a joke by the way; a Harry Potter Lego Hogwarts Castle set is up for sale at this prize.

The Euro currency has probably given it away but it’s not available in the US, it’s currently up for sale at a Dutch online retailer.  Regardless of it being across the ocean I’m sure if you wanted to buy it and have it shipped over they would.

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Very few details are actually known about the Harry Potter Lego Hogwarts Castle set as it has not officially been unveiled. When you visit the Dutch retailer you will not find any images of the product, only the description and even that is limited.

However you do get the make and model, LEGO Hogwarts Castle (71043), and if you were to do a bit of digging about this model you will be sure to find some bits and pieces about the set.

First one being the size of the set, now for €499.99, or 586.95 USD, I’m expecting a big model, however I wasn’t expecting a model of over 6,000 pieces; it’s also an exclusive item as well. So this all accounts for the hefty price tag. It’s all still rumour however as nothing has been officially confirmed by Lego, and if you were to keep digging, you will find even more rumours. And I’m sure we still won’t learn everything until it’s unveiled.

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Whatever rumours turn out to be true I am sure the Harry Potter Lego Hogwarts Castle set will be a beast and worthy of the price tag. It better be anyway, I would hate to buy it and find out it was some tiny miniature that cost a buck to make.

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What do you make of this Lego Set? Would you buy it if you could? Drop a comment below sharing your thoughts.