All 16 Queer Eye makeovers ranked (so yes, get the tissues)

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QUEER EYE season 2 episode 5 production still. Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

1. Skyler, “The Sky’s The Limit” (S2, E5)

The newest iteration of Queer Eye made it clear that they wouldn’t just be making over straight men with the inclusions of AJ, their first gay hero, and Mama Tammye, their first female hero. But on the latest season, they went one step further, and included their first transgender male hero, Skyler.

Skyler was born female, but realized at a young age that he was not happy with his body. He started performing as a drag king to help channel that masculinity. He still performs in drag, but now identifies as male, and spent years trying to finance his top surgery (which is to remove his breasts).

The main goal for this makeover is to help Skyler come into his manhood and start looking his age. He loves bright, flamboyant styles, and lots of snapbacks and sneakers. He’s like an overgrown skater boy, but it makes sense, since he never got to experience those rebellious teen years as a boy.

Skyler’s home looks like the dorm room of a very proud queer student, but not that of a 30-year-old man. He’s also a proud redhead and is very attached to his beard, because it took him years to grow. Jonathan doesn’t want to force him to get rid of it, but he also doesn’t want him to look like a leprechaun anymore.

His wardrobe and hair are important to his identity, but they need a little tweaking. Jonathan convinces Skyler to let him shave down his beard a bit, and gives him a nice, professional haircut. Tan even brings in a tailor who works specifically with trans people to give them the perfect suit, all to help Skyler finally feel comfortable enough to expand his wardrobe like every grown man should.

The most important change of all, more important than shaving his beard or cutting his hair, was getting his gender marker changed on his driver’s license. That’s a major step for any trans person, and it’s usually not an easy process. Skyler’s confidence was already skyrocketing after his makeover, but that really was the cherry on top.

When Skyler first met the Fab Five, he told them that his idol is Todrick Hall. To him, Todrick is the ultimate style inspiration because he experiments with fashion and blurs the lines of masculinity and femininity. In the ultimate tear-jerking moment, the Fab Five send a surprise to Skyler’s door, Todrick himself. There’s nothing better than seeing someone meet their idol, and Skyler was beside himself with excitement.

Skyler’s makeover is what Queer Eye is all about. The Fab Five aren’t there to tell people they need to change, they come into these people’s lives to help them make the changes that need to be made. They help them better themselves, and they give them the confidence to continue on the road to success.

Trans representation in today’s media still leaves something to be desired. The fact that they included Skyler as one of their heroes, and showed audiences discussions about preferred pronouns and other struggles the trans communities face, is so important. It was an educational moment, especially for Tan, who was brought to tears after hearing Skyler explain his backstory. It’s not easy to break down the stone-cold Tan, but Skyler did it!

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