10 hidden gems on Netflix that should be in your queue right now


There are a lot of TV shows and movies that don’t get the amount of attention that they deserve. Let’s see if we can turn that around with these 10 gems.

Like any other Netflix connoisseur, I often times head straight for the classic and popular choices on the beloved streaming website like Stranger Things or Parks and Rec. More recently, however, I have been venturing through the world of the unrecognized, scouring the dusty shelves of Netflix’s lesser known forms of entertainment and needless to say, my findings did not disappoint.

So, with that being said, here’s a list of 10 TV shows and movies that you should add to your list asap.

1. Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast

From K-Pop to K-Dramas, this genre never disappoints — especially when it comes to shows like Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast. This reality show centers on the lives of K-Pop diva, Lee Hyori, and her rock and roll husband, Lee Sang-soon. Both celebrities opened their home to the public, creating a televised bed and breakfast for guests that have applied from all over South Korea. Having had thousands of applicants with only a small percentage accepted, the show’s popularity prompted a second season which has episodes released every Thursday.

There are humorous and several precious moments between the famous couple and their guests that would make anybody (including me) want to move to South Korea and become their adopted child. At first, it may take a little while to become immersed in the show, but if you stick with it, you’ll grow to love it

2. Blind Date

This adorable French romantic comedy shows that perhaps that nosey next door neighbor could in fact be more important to you than you would expect. A young pianist, Machine, has just moved into her new apartment and soon finds out that her new neighbor has a reputation for driving his neighbors out of their apartments — in an effort to keep peace and quiet in his own living space. Not one to give up, Machine sticks around and soon, both neighbors come to an agreement that slowly allows them to get to know one another.

3. Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

She’s classy. She’s sassy. And she’s most definitely badass-y. Phryne Fisher is your new favorite private detective. Taking place in 1920s Australia, this show revolves around the life of the honorable Miss Fisher, who arrives in Australia after a momentary absence. Throughout the series, Phryne finds her detective methods up against that of the police force, headed by the handsome Detective Inspector Jack Robinson. Not one to back down from a challenge, Phryne manages to weave her way into Jack’s good graces and finds her partner in crime (solving). This show has romance, humor, drama, and tons of female empowerment. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

4. Queen

Bollywood films are some of the most entertaining movies out there. This genre often has a ton of music that will have you dancing like no one is watching. Rani, a shy and unconfident bride-to-be, has just had her heart broken by her fiancée who cancels their engagement the day before their wedding. Lost and upset, Rani decides to go on their honeymoon alone to get away from it all. Traveling to Paris and Amsterdam, she meets new people and puts herself out there to try new things, thus igniting a journey towards self-discovery and becoming a stronger person.

5. Free Rein

If you were a Saddle Club fanatic like I was back in the early 2000s, then you’ll definitely want to check this show out. Zoe, a 15-year-old girl from Los Angeles, moves to the UK with her mom and her sister to stay with her maternal grandfather. Not too far from her new home, Zoe discovers that there is a horseback riding program that she immediately feels drawn to. Though her mother does not approve, Zoe continues to take riding lessons and makes friends along the way (and even a few enemies).

6. Wild Oats

This hilarious comedy brings out the best of legends Shirley MacLaine and Jessica Lange. Newly widowed Eva (MacLaine)worries about how she’ll be able to afford living without her husband, knowing that his life insurance will hardly cover anything. After mistakenly being sent millions of dollars from the insurance company, Eva and her best friend Maddie (Lange) decide to take the money and travel to the Canary Islands for the time of their lives. Little do they know just how adventurous things will become for the both of them.

7. Terrace House: Aloha State

There are a few versions of Terrace House that Netflix has previously released (Terrace House: Boys and Girls in the City and Terrace House: Opening New Doors), however, the one that takes place in Hawaii is arguably the best! Terrace House is a Japanese reality show that centers on the lives of three men and three women who move into a new house together. Each member has a goal that they want to achieve during their stay at the house (from finding love to having their dream job) and once they feel they are finished, they leave the house and a new member is brought in.

One of the best parts of the show is the panel comprised of famous Japanese actors and actresses. This panel watches each episode and during certain parts of the show, incorporates their own commentary on what is going on. A lot of the time, these panelists provide hilarious feedback and seem to have a great relationship with one another that extends into their conversations.

8. When We First Met

This romantic comedy is one of the best I’ve seen so far on Netflix. Noah (Adam DeVine) unwillingly attends his best friend Avery’s (Alexandra Daddario) engagement party. He drinks himself into a drunken stupor to cure his broken heart over his best friend that he’s been in love with for years. He recalls the day they met and wishes that he could go back and change things in an effort to become the one that Avery marries. Noah gets his chance when the photo booth that the pair had discovered the night they met suddenly sends him back in time. With another chance to prove himself, he is determined to become the one that Avery is meant to be with.

9. Derek

This hilarious Office-style mockumentary created by Ricky Gervais has a lot of unexpected and bittersweet moments that puts life in a retirement home into a new light.  50-year-old Derek (played by Ricky Gervais) is a care worker at Broad Hill. He is extremely kind and helps whenever he can. His overall personality is welcomed by his fellow co-workers and residents, however he is at times put down by others and ridiculed because of his naivety. In spite of this, Derek remains as sweet as ever and learns that being kind is better than being cruel.

10. Before We Go

Alright, I saved the best for last. Chris Evans (a.k.a Captain America, a.k.a. the internet’s boyfriend) stars in this romantic indie film as a struggling young musician who meets a woman with a troubled marriage. Each at a crossroads, these two characters meet one night and find that they are just what the other needs in order to make their bad night good again. Directed by Mr. Chris Evans himself, this film is insanely sweet and the romantic tension between both him and his co-star, Alice Eve, is too beautiful for words. While the ending may appear ambiguous to the audience, it still provides a unique breath of fresh air and stays true to reality.

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So there you have it! Ten amazing TV shows and movies that are guaranteed to find their way onto your Netflix list. And if you’ve already seen everything on this list, congratulations! What do you recommend is the best hidden gem on Netflix?