Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger season 1 episode 6 review: Funhouse Mirrors


We see what Tandy and Tyrone’s lives could have been. But would they really be any better off than they are now?

Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger gets closer and closer to having Tandy and Tyrone spend more time together each episode. This week, their paths cross a few different times. And the Roxxon mysteries begin to unfold.

Not-So-Short Summary

We head straight into the heart of voodoo with Evita’s aunt, who’s trying to do a reading for New Orleans itself. She feels Tyrone is connected to its future, she just doesn’t know how yet.

She speaks of the “Divine Pairing” that always comes amidst a storm. Tyrone may just be one of them. And her reading for the city is the same as those in the past: one will live and one will die.

Tandy cons her way into an internship while Tyrone tries to get a job from Duane, his brother’s old friend. Even Tyrone is waxing about a life he could have had, if Billy hadn’t died.

He shows up at Tandy’s home/church and tries to get some advice. Conning his way to get closer to Connors (pun intended!) might not be as easy as he thought.

Like every other episode, we get parallels with our characters. This time around, it’s not just between Tyrone and Tandy. What Mina Hess has become is what Tandy could have been. And what Duane does is what Tyrone could be doing.

And what he would have done if he didn’t come to shout at Duane. Duane has known the whole time about that night, about Connors, about Billy’s murder. “Every day, you kill my brother all over again,” he tells Duane, and you can tell those words hurt.

This episode feels a little more lighthearted than others. Tandy learns a lot about her dad through Mina. Except Mina sees through her lies and figures out who she really is. She follows Mina to see her dad, who’s pretty much a vegetable and uses her powers to see his happy place, but the submarine door is blocked by dark energy similar to Tyrone’s.

Like she might just need him for this.

Meanwhile, Connors is trying to get rid of Detective O’Reilly. He cons Duane into shooting her when she comes in, but she gets the first shot. And of course, Tyrone sees the whole thing, and we get flashes of his brother all over again.

Badass Moment of the Week

Tandy using a light dagger to slash that guy’s tires felt pretty darn good.

Whatever Roxxon has discovered with their drilling, Mina Hess is all about it. The key to better energy? A superweapon? Most likely the latter, knowing faceless corporations.

Also, has anyone else noticed that Detective O’Reilly’s boy-toy cop looks a heck of a lot like Scott Avett? It throws me off.

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Next week’s Cloak and Dagger seems like they’re onto something with their powers. Tandy and Tyrone are going dream-hopping! (It’s the best phrase I can come up with, at least.)