Harry Potter: Wizards Unite 2019 delay is looking likely!


The speculation over if Harry Potter: Wizards Unite would be delayed until 2019 is starting to look more and more likely after Niantic boss is asked directly about the release.

Following on from where we last left off with Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and the possibility of if it being delayed until 2019. The delay is starting to look likely after Niantic boss, John Hanke, was asked directly if the game was still coming out later this year.

Eurogamer put the question to him and his response was, quite honestly, disappointing. When asked if Harry Potter: Wizards Unite was still coming out this year, his response was, “We’ll see.”

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It’s not exactly the answer we were all hoping to hear. Hanke also went on to explain that they want to release the game when it is ready and not rush anything in order to make a deadline.

In a way this is a good thing. The last thing you really want is to play a new game and it turns out it is full of bugs and issues because it has been rushed to the finish line. The downside is it doesn’t sound like it is being released anytime in the near future.

Image Credit; Niantic/Warner Bros/Wizards Unite

Now we have already speculated about the ideal widow of opportunity to release Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and how that window is closing, and closing fast. It’s also now clear that Niantic would rather miss the window of opportunity this year and wait until next years, rather than risk damage the success of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. So a delay looks likely.

The good news is we will get an update on Harry Potter: Wizards Unite at some point this year. When Eurogamer spoke to a publisher at Warner Bros. they were told that additional details would be released in 2018.

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So while Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is looking like it may be delayed until 2019, although there is still a chance it will be released this year, at least we can look forward to an update at some point.

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What are your thoughts on this one? Are you beginning to think it will be a 2019 release date as well? Share your thoughts and drop a comment below.