20 MCU characters that will always make us thirsty

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When Tessa Thompson walked on screen in Thor: Ragnarok, nothing else mattered. The movie as a whole was a thirst trap for a lot of us, and one of the biggest culprits came in the form of Valkyrie. She was hostile, she was tough, and there was no one else we were more interested in than her.

The hottest moment came when Valkyrie falls over drunkenly, then controls her ship and ends up winning against people trying to capture Thor. There’s also her strutting into battle with “Immigrant Song” on in the background. Or basically, anytime she was on screen was enjoyable.

Could any of us have predicted how much we would love her going into Thor? We probably should have known but then again, Tessa Thompson came crashing into our lives and now all of us are in love. Valkyrie is an incredible character, one that we hope to see over and over again.

The fact that Thompson herself is openly bisexual is amazing and, hopefully, in future movies, they can explore that aspect of her character. Either way, she is a wonderful addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and many of us love to watch her take on the evil forces of the world alongside Thor and her fellow Asgardians.