Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak is finally real!


One of the deathly hallows is finally real. Scientists have managed to create Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak. Now where can we get one?

If Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak is real, does that mean Hogwarts is? If only that was the case. For now, we’ll just have to deal with one of three of the deathly hallows being real. Well, sort of real.

Scientists have found a way to create the invisibility cloak. Rather than using magic, they’ve used science and light to make objects turn completely invisible and this even works in the daylight! Jose Azana, a Canadian-based research leader, shared that the cloaking works through the way that objects reflect light and how the human eye will see that light. By altering the way light waves go through objects, it’s possible to make the object look invisible.

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This is all based on specific coloring. If an object is green and blue light goes through it, the color turns green on the other side. This distorts coloring so the objects turn invisible.

So far, the cloak isn’t foolproof. There are certain colors that can’t be turned invisible, like anything white. The color white uses multiple colors on the spectrum, which means it’s difficult to counter. However, with the initial technology, eventually everything may be turned invisible just like anything under Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak.

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In the future, we may even get a full cloak that works when moving around. However, for now, you won’t be able to sneak past your teachers like the Boy Wizard.

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What do you think about the science behind invisibility? Would you love Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak? Share your thoughts in the comments below.