What does Jam City’s latest investment plan mean for Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery?


Jam City is making changes to the investment into its games. It turns out that the Marvel games just aren’t standing up against the Boy Wizard. What does this mean for Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery moving forward?

Despite all the complaints against Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery and the energy kafuffle, there is plenty of support for the game. It’s become one of the most popular games from Jam City, especially compared to the likes of the Marvel Superhero games. This is a good thing for those who love the Harry Potter game, which is set in the 1980s timeline in the universe.

According to reports from Jam City CEO Chris DeWolfe, the game is “monetizing well.” That’s code for people are buying the in-app purchases to move forward into the different years and take advantage of some of the extras. Just the latest has been the arrival of the pets, which all cost money to purchase. However, the Marvel games are fairing as well. This could be because Harry Potter remains a more popular franchise or because there are just too many Marvel games on the market. Because of this, Jam City is changing where it spends its money.

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The good news for us is that Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is getting some extra investment. With more money could mean bigger and better things. We may get more advancement in the years and bigger storylines to complete. This is a chance to see more elements from the original universe incorporated.

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There are so many layers in the Harry Potter universe. With more money and more investment, there’s more time to delve deeper into the world and add more characters, storylines, and features.

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What do you think about the latest investment plan for Jam City? What would you like to see added to Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery? Share your thoughts in the comments below.