50 best television shows set across the United States

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Connecticut: Gilmore Girls

The premise: Is there really anybody left in this world that doesn’t know what Gilmore Girls is about? A mom and daughter duo fast-talk their way through life in a small town in Connecticut, amassing an eclectic group of weirdos along the way.

The setting: Stars Hollow really is the epitome of a romanticized version of small-town America. It’s standard in that it’s tiny, filled with a bunch of busybodies and kooks, and there is always one festival or town-sponsored event or another. It’s idyllic and quaint, and I don’t think I’ve ever even seen one police officer in the town. There’s also a severe lack of people of color hanging around as well.

The most Connecticut thing about it: Hands down, the most WASP-y thing about Gilmore Girls are Lorelai’s stuffy, one-percenter parents. They live in a giant, cavernous mansion in Hartford, filled with antiques and zillion- year-old rugs. Lorelai fled the oppressive life of her very rich parents and settled in Stars Hollow, just a few towns over. I guess all the Daughters of the American Revolution meetings were cramping her style.