50 best television shows set across the United States

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Vermont: Clifford The Big Red Dog

The premise: What started as a beloved children’s book from the ’60s, turned in a phenomenon when PBS ordered the series about a lovable, but giant, red dog. Clifford, the dog in question, and his young owner, Emily Elizabeth, do their best to have fun and adventure, but their good times are often thwarted by the inconvenience of his enormous size.

Despite how many scrapes and binds he gets himself in, Clifford and Emily Elizabeth are beloved by the town, and they’ve gathered quite a little entourage of local kids and their dogs.

The setting: Emily Elizabeth and her peeps live on Birdwell Island, a play on the creator’s name, Norman Bridwell. It’s an idyllic place with very little crime and bad things never happen. Clifford’s family had to flee the city after his size made it impossible to live here. They found refuge on a (sort of) remote island with a welcoming public and a high threshold for canine-incited destruction.

The most Vermont thing about it: Birdwell Island’s bucolic vibes recall Vermont’s idealized setting. There are several episodes of the animated series that feature Birdwell Island in full autumnal bloom. Vermont is known for its fall foliage, and the series offers a nod to that.