A tiny Ant-Man and the Wasp discovery can help fans win big with movie tickets


Marvel Australia and New Zealand has put together a campaign to help fans score tickets to Ant-Man and the Wasp. It’s no small feat!

It seems some of Hank Pym’s technology has spread outside of the MCU to give some Ant-Man and the Wasp fans a buzz-worthy surprise. And no, there’s no Ant-Man or Wasp suit out there for you to shrink or grow to epic proportions.

In a competition put together by Marvel Australia and New Zealand, fans who come across tiny doors next to posters promoting the new movie might score big with free tickets to the show. Some fans have already been showing off their prize on social media.

The folks at CBR.com have already found one contestant was able to nab the tickets before anyone else. On Imgur, a user by the name of calen spotted the tickets, captioning their find “Look what I found,” but did not give an exact location of where the poster and the tickets were.

"Look what I found"

The competition rules in the picture encourage others to tweet or post to Instagram their finds using the hashtag #TinyDoorsNZComp. No one on Twitter, as of this story’s publishing, has boasted about their find on Twitter. Instagram users, though, have shown off their luck (or lack thereof) on the social media site.

From the looks of the Instagram posts, the doors have been popping up in major New Zealand cities like Auckland and Wellington. The official rules say they can also be found in the cities of Christchurch, Dunedin, and Hamilton. Though the competition is hosted by Marvel Australia and New Zealand, Australia will be left out of the competition this time around.

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It looks like Marvel is having fun with this type of viral marketing campaign. Back when Avengers: Infinity War was first beginning to premiere, Marvel held a competition where some fans found free tickets behind Thanos posters.

So if any lucky New Zealanders are tempted to take a peek behind tiny door number one, your big sense of curiosity might pay off.