Star Wars fan discovers a new parallel between Rey and Kylo Ren


Star Wars: The Last Jedi, as a film, deals a lot with comparing Kylo Ren and Rey. Apparently, that goes all the way down to their fighting styles.

When one half of your big Star Wars dynamic is a Skywalker with a dash of Solo thrown in for good measure, and the other half can keep up with the Skywalkers even if she herself is not necessarily a Skywalker, then it’s impossible not to draw lines between them and explore those in-depth. That’s a lot of what The Last Jedi tries to do.

Apparently, those lines go down to lightsaber fighting styles, as reported by Inverse and originally coming from Reddit.

Now, Inverse points out the few different theories about why this is so, from this being what scares Luke to Rey learning from Kylo when she breaks into his mind. This seems to be reading a little too deep into this when there are a couple of practical explanations for why this is so.

First, both Rey and Kylo have some oddities in their training. This could explain why their fighting styles are so similarly undisciplined. Rey’s has been full of stops and starts, and she’s mostly operating on instinct. As for Kylo, he’s also had a change midway through his journey with the Force, and can you really see Supreme Leader Snoke giving Kylo some pointers when he also lets his young apprentice run around with a mess of a lightsaber?

Second, even in those differences, they share a master in Luke Skywalker. Young Luke, with the same fits and starts and troubles with the Dark Side in his training… well, see for yourself:

While this is certainly a cool detail, and we’d like to give some kudos to u/egoshoppe for putting this all together, it’s probably not the greatest fodder for new Star Wars conspiracy theories that we’ve ever seen.

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What do you make of this? Are we reading too little into it?