A Frozone spinoff is the perfect Incredibles 2 followup, thanks to this fanart


Sure, we all love Incredibles 2, but we would absolutely not say no to a spinoff featuring Frozone and his family, based on this fanart.

After seeing Incredibles 2, yours truly wasn’t really sure that much could really follow it up in terms of a third movie. However, I have been convinced otherwise by the power of fans. Speaking with Shadow and Act, artist Crystal Hill explained what went into her work, which originally comes from 2016.

Not only does she have a particularly cool take on Honey, she also introduces her idea of the couple’s three children. Unlike Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack, Lucius and Honey have triplets instead in this concept. They’re named Brooke, Ember, and Tyson.

Yes, those names are very much in line with the powers they have. Look no further than the art to see what we mean:

Interestingly, it doesn’t seem like Hill’s concept includes the idea of Honey having superpowers of her own. Honestly, we could see it going either way. On one hand, Honey as a superhero means that we have a different take on the experience of women as superheroes — and can you imagine what kind of cool powers she could have? On the other, Honey not having powers would offer a new storytelling path for a film.

It’s clear from every single time we’ve heard her voice that she knows what Lucius is capable of and his second identity. Even as a human, she’d be able to offer a completely different look on how to function in the world of The Incredibles. To be fair, both The Incredibles and Incredibles 2 sort of dove into what it’s like to be a human, but mostly from the frame of envying or fearing those powers. Meanwhile, if Honey simply accepts those powers or doesn’t seem jealous, then she’s immediately different.

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