Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone book sells for $73,000


Got a copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone? Watch out, as yours could be worth almost in the thousands.

We all know that the Harry Potter books can sell for a large amount. The most highly popular and valued books are those that have been signed by J.K. Rowling, as she now refuses to sign books because of people getting books signed to sell them on. However, nobody possibly expected “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” to sell for almost $75,000.

The copy was sold in Britain for £56,000, which works out to be about $73,500 with the current exchange rate. A U.S. collector bought the book, which was only valued at £35,000 before the auction. Obviously, it’s a case of the value is in the eye of the beholder—or the one who wants to become the beholder!

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Of course, this was a first-edition novel in hardback, sold in 1997 in Britain. There were only 500 copies of them made in hardback and they all contain mistakes that were later corrected. It’s not surprising with so few around that they are worth so much.

The owner of the book, who hasn’t been named in reports (understandably), was just 11 years old when she bought it at Harrogate Train Station. Now 32, she never thought the book would have been worth as much as it sold for at the time of buying.

(Photo by Christie’s/Getty Images)

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While the amount is high, it’s nowhere near the outstanding record set in November 2017. A first-edition copy sold for more than £100,000. Now that’s crazy!

I’ve got to admit that if I had a first edition copy of the novel, I wouldn’t be selling it on. That would be my pride and joy and something to pass onto my children. Whether they felt the same or not wouldn’t matter. But then, I’m a bit of a book nerd. I’d have to be on the brink of bankruptcy to consider selling it.

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