Caity Lotz talks about the awkwardness of filming sex scenes for the Arrowverse


The Arrowverse has plenty of familiar tropes, but there is one type of scene that even Caity Lotz is not a fan of filming.

Whether she is working on Arrow or Legends of Tomorrow, Caity Lotz has seen her fair share of familiar tropes and scenes being filmed across the CW’s DC programming. When it comes to sex scenes though, she easily finds them awkward.

According to ComicBook, Lotz revealed that one of the reasons she is not fond of the sex scenes is because of how awkward it gets for everyone behind the scenes. During a recent panel, Caity Lotz shared that it can be “nerve-wracking” filming these scenes because the sets get shut down, and the crew is overly cautious about making sure that everyone is comfortable.

She shared that on the day they film a sex scene, the crew makes it clear that they will clear people off the set and if someone is ever uncomfortable, they just need to speak up and things will come to a stop. Lotz said that it makes her want everyone around her to be “normal” and “calm down.”

While talking about the awkwardness that goes into filming sex scenes, she also talked about her first scenes on Arrow. They included her having to wear lingerie that didn’t fit, as it was worn by an actor who starred in the pilot episode. As fans of Arrow might remember, in the pilot there was someone else playing Sara Lance.

When Caity Lotz took over the role, she had to wear the exact same lingerie in order to make the scene work. However, the lingerie didn’t fit because her chest was too small. Lotz shared how she was told the show would just “fill it” but the lingerie had to “be the same one.”  (What is going on with their wardrobe department over there?)

Caity Lotz is certainly not the first actor to talk about how awkward it can be to film sex scenes. She added though the importance of playing Sara and ensuring her bisexuality had an accurate representation onscreen. Not only does Lotz portray the leader of a team of heroes in a series, but Sara Lance is bisexual. For her, this means she’s filling more than one representational gap on television.

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Caity Lotz has proven that representation matters. By being a bisexual female character leading an ensemble cast, she shows that there is plenty of room for representation. Whether the sex scenes are between a man or a woman, there is bound to be plenty of awkwardness. At the same time, she is also getting the chance to represent people who seem to rarely get the opportunity to see themselves on the big or small screen.