J.K Rowling is set to become a voting member of the Academy!


Now it seems as if J.K Rowling is going to have quite the say in the upcoming Oscars. Or at least she’s a voting member of the Academy!

We all love J.K Rowling because of the world she created for us and now, the general public will get to see her influence. Or they’ll get to see what movies she decides to vote for as a member of the Academy.

When it comes to the Academy Awards, there are members of the Academy who vote for the Oscars. Whether it is for the Best Picture or Best Cinematography, their vote is heard when the winners are announced every year.

Now that Rowling is in the Academy, we won’t ever really know exactly what she voted for. But it is nice to know that someone who has helped inform so many of our adult decisions in pop culture and what we like to read is having her voice put out there.

It isn’t really surprising that this is the first time she’s been asked to join. Her first real screenplay was Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them after all and it is pretty crazy that she was inducted that quickly.

No matter what, it will be a pretty great because J.K Rowling is getting this honor and to see someone who gave so much to us, as fans, get something like this is wonderful. Without her, we wouldn’t have the world we know and love so well so we’re just very proud of everything she does!

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Maybe we’ll get some magical movies in our future Best Picture nominations. Or at least we’ll know that J.K Rowling’s voice was heard but it is still a wonderful honor! Congratulations, Jo!