The 11 most important moments in Luke Cage season 2

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Marvel’s Luke Cage season 2 production still. Photo: David Lee/Netflix

Luke and Danny’s warehouse fight

One of the most frustrating things about Luke Cage in its second season, is that its fight sequences are, well, kind of boring. Now, this show was never going to be Daredevil or anything in the fight department, but the nature of Luke’s abilities mean that things get pretty dull pretty quickly.

Why henchmen still feel the need to unload multiple clips of ammunition at Luke when everyone in Harlem knows he’s bulletproof is a mystery. Why would you try to shoot or stab a man when you know you can’t hurt them that way? At this point, it’s not that exciting to watch bullets, metal pipes, and brass knuckles bounce off Luke ineffectively. Yet it happens in almost every episode, so many times, in fact, that it starts to feel unnecessary. It’s unimaginative and stale. And quite frankly, it makes the various villains and flunkies look incredibly dumb.

That’s precisely why Danny Rand’s visit is so much fun. He and Luke join forces to track down a nightshade-growing facility in Brooklyn. Predictably, they run into some random goons there, and a fight ensues. However this one is a lot more entertaining than many of the ones that have come before it, and it’s because Luke Cage isn’t afraid to get a little goofy. Of course, that’s kind of par for the course with Danny Rand, whose mystical glowing punch hand is weird in and of itself. But here the show combines their very different fighting styles and abilities into something that really works.

More people should be using Luke’s impenetrability to create shock waves, is all I’m saying.