The 11 most important moments in Luke Cage season 2

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Marvel’s Luke Cage season 2 production still. Photo: David Lee/Netflix

Claire stands up for herself

Since Rosario Dawson had a fairly significant role in the most recent season of Jane the Virgin, it makes sense that her screentime in Luke Cage season 2 is somewhat limited. What is remarkable, however, is that her scaled down presence has such an outsize impact.

One of the most prevalent themes of season 2 is the idea that Luke is buying into his own hype. He’s convinced he’s invincible. Practically untouchable, even. Claire’s not down with this, and tells Luke so, repeatedly. This is an important perspective, and not just because Luke’s wrong. (He is.) Claire not only repeatedly points out Luke’s reckless behavior; she also calls him to account for it. She refuses to let him off the hook for his actions. And she won’t accept his various excuses about his long-lost father or how hard it is to be a hero in a Harlem that always wants something from him.

Basically: Claire is too good for every single one of these Marvel Netflix men.

Claire repeatedly underlines that she’s not looking to be someone’s woman, but their partner. And it’s incredibly satisfying to watch her insist that she deserves nothing less, even from Harlem’s hero.

Unfortunately, after Claire’s departure Luke Cage seems distinctly uninterested in exploring the question of Luke’s anger much further. (Though it does do some interesting things with the idea that Luke’s constantly disappointing the very people he’s supposed to help.) Here’s hoping it’s an issue the series comes back to at some point in the future.