Captain Marvel might just rock a leather jacket in her standalone film


Never mind the super suit. Captain Marvel is ready to rock a leather jacket, too.

When it comes to costuming for superheroes, you mostly think of their heroic costumes. Sure, Tony Stark has his suits and Peter Parker his nerdy T-shirts, but they’re still Iron Man and Spider-Man first and foremost. It’ll probably be the same with Captain Marvel — it’s hard not to imagine, after her symbol making a cameo at the end of Avengers: Infinity War, that fans will remember that above anything else.

But Carol Danvers is going to go where most superheroes don’t dare to tread, at least according to alleged art found by CBR and originally coming from Twitter.

That is, she’s going to mix the personal with the quote-unquote professional, if being a superhero counts as a profession. (Does it pay the bills? Probably not if Wong and Doctor Strange’s scene about going to the deli is any indication.)

The art, seen below, depicts her wearing a leather jacket over her suit (which CBR doesn’t gloss over, to be fair, but their focus is more on Nick Fury). It’s not really bad-looking, more just decidedly incongruous. But who are we to deny the kind of person that Fury of all people calls when he’s in trouble?

It will make cosplaying as Carol a little easier, though. That suit probably won’t be warm for people to wear. A jacket might be just the thing. But on a thematic level, it also helps set her apart from other heroes — as if she’s almost more comfortable with being a hero, probably because she’s done it for much longer in terms of time being awake (sorry, Captain America, but you spent a lot of time on ice).

Speaking of Fury, though, as CBR points out, he has both hair and his eyes — no eyepatch and scars here. Still, we won’t mess with him. It’s just safer that way.

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What do you think of Carol’s look?